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Graeme Blackburn

On those horrid, cold & wet days, Iíve been busy making (what I hope) are some saleable items for the Shed when, and if, we return. Iíve made a number of each, & being the treasurer, letís hope they sell.

Also, thereís a picture which I found rather amusing. Saying that, I donít think the death of that poor animal is amusing.

My good lady sent me to buy an avocado yesterday. What does this stupid bloke do? Comes back with a zucchini!!!

My cymbidium orchids are spiking well (flower shoots) & some pots have 4 or 5 spikes which Iím reeeal pleased about because I used a different method of fertilising from what is normally recommended.

My 6.5hp chipper appears to have given up. I started it & the smoke was unbelievable. I thought it would blow the petrol tank, so I quickly turned it off. Maybe one of our smart motor engineers can advise me what to do, or do you think itís gone to God. Fortunately, my lovely neighbour has ďgivenĒ me her 6hp chipper which is great. I sharpened the blades & it chips beautifully.

Going to the Doc today to get my flu injection & a referral to an eye specialist. Looks like a small op for a cataract removal. Fortunately, itís not causing any sight problems as yet.

Orchids in greenhouse & close up of flower spikes emerging. 2nd year after re-potting.

Fibrous tree roots from small garden in background. This was dug over 6 months prior.

Editorís Note: Yes, it is!

Peter Bos

Your all thinking what can I offer this time, surprising though when you get started things just seem to come into mind.

Like the time early in my hospital stay the trouble Carole had to go to visit me ó-see picture attached. Thatís not how you would have expected to see your wife for the first time.

As it stands at the moment have been home from hospital for five days trying to build up my strength and find my appetite again that in its self has been challenging, having lost eight kilo since going to hospital.

On a brighter side very much enjoying the nice weather going for small walks and meeting some of the residents in our village.

Let you know how thing are progressing in the next newsletter, thank you to those of you that have made contact recently and wishing all you guys the best during these challenging times.

Well some weeks have passed and things are finally getting back to normal, or whatís considered as the ďthe new normalĒ.

Must say, itís taken some time having lost 10kilo while in hospital, so the food at home has kicked in and the body is responding.

Netflix, playing cards, add to that some reading and so you fill in your day between a visit or three to the fridge - when will it ever end!!

Being able to have contact with the family, with the new restrictions, has also helped as no doubt you have all now had that experience.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the shed sooner rather than later, letís hope itís not too far away.

Trust your all well, till the next newsletter

John Wilson
POEMS © 2020

Lockdown The Weather
These times are challenging
For all, young and old,
The days are now changing,
For us to be so bold.
Looking after others,
The weak and the strong,
Is what we should share,
So that we can all belong.

For us to be in lockdown,
Is not so bad, I must confess,
A chance to reassess things,
To rid yourself of stress,
Instead of feeling isolated,
Rekindle bonds that slip,
Enjoy the time together,
And build your relationship.

The world has now changed,
To one we have not known,
Maybe for the better,
If wiser heads are shown,
The way to our salvation,
Is to think of others worse,
And care for the sick and weak
As a priority, not a curse.

Be grateful for what you have,
Where we live, and enjoy,
Our Aussie way of life,
Others try to destroy,
Instead of negativity,
A total waste no gain,
Just be positive, look forward,
To the good times again.

John Wilson © 1.5.2020
We talk about the weather,
A daily topic spoken,
Nothing gets done about it,
We all think itís broken,
Complaining that itís too wet and cold,
We are never really pleased,
Hoping for our Summer,
Not rain and sleet uneased.

Instead of just accepting,
That our lives donít change,
When the weather gets worse,
It covers the whole range,
Of experiences varied,
That we do not understand,
Constant good weather,
Would be so very bland.

Enjoy the different seasons,
Like meeting different friends,
Itís just a variation,
That simply just blends,
Making life more interesting,
Neither boring, nor plain,
Do not be so negative,
Just look forward to the rain.

John Wilson © 5.5.2020

A Dogís Life
You talk about the lockdown,
I donít see whatís the grouse,
My life is one big lockdown,
Stuck here in the house.
I get out at your whim,
Iím really not abstaining,
You feed me well and love me,
Please, Iím not complaining.

We go for walks and runs,
Each day that itís not raining,
I meet new friends lots of times,
No, I am not complaining.
Thereís Monty, a Great Dane,
Heís so big and bulky,
A lovely friend to find,
Please, donít think Iím being sulky.

Before the virus came here,
Youíd leave me on my own,
Iíd wait on your bed,
Wishing I was not alone.
You feed me well and love me,
And hug me all the time,
When I really think about it,
My life is so sublime.


John Wilson © 2.5.2020

Editorís Note: Johnís a Poet and I didnít know it.
(hang on, that rhymed Ė I could also be a great Poet - or not)

Mark Gearon

Hi guys, been making a few things to sell when we are back, was getting the hot cross buns out of the toaster and burnt my fingers, so to the workshop to make tongs - started small and got bigger.

After I got over that, a friend turns up with a load of horseshoes. So, we are on another mission of cleaning and welding - (sometimes I should take myself aside and have a good talk to myself), anyway have been making these critters. See the Photos. Cheers, Mark.

Editorís Note: ďTongĒ is the Chinese word for ďidiot, donít burn your fingersĒ

Editorís Note: That is a lot of Horse Sh--             How much is that doggy in the ÖÖÖ

Editorís Note: Ok, so, letís talk about the ďelephant in the roomĒ

Editorís Note: Thereís a lot of luck in them thar horse shoes

Editorís Note: There were two fairies walking along the road and one said to the otherÖÖÖÖ

Editorís Note: Looks like a Celtic puzzle

Ken Hill

All the Hillsí are ok. I am busy keeping up with the Autumn leaves, of which we have a lot - mulching them with the mower and onto the garden - have been given petrol driven whipper snipper to be fixed when we go back whenever that may be - that's all my news!! Ken.
Glenn Note: The Hill's are alive.....With the sound of whipper snipper.........

Glenn W

Sorry for the delay in posting this as it was far to nice a day for sitting on ones arse in front of a computer.
So the Leprechaun and I just went for a walk down the tracks at Emerald Lake from the packing shed.

Dreaming of somewhere else..
All packed and ready to go as soon as the lockdown is over..
Won't be long now!!

Bazza W

Wishing everyone the best and see you all in the shed soon.



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